Meet the Experts


Keith I. Shockley

Founder, CEO

Mr. Keith I. Shockley, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Shockley Enterprise & Government Services (SEGSCO) Company,.....


Charles Shorter


Bringing a unique set of experiences and insights to the SEGSCO leadership team, Charles has had a hands-on role piloting market creation strategies for littoral mine and warfare programs.

Ralph Tharp

Ralph Tharp

Civil Engineering, Construction Management

Experience in other professional disciplines

Robert Oakley

Robert Oakley

Director of Engineering, Infrastructure Development, Infrastructure Protection

Robert Oakley has over twenty-five years of experience in energy solutions, 


Derek A. Smith

Cyber Security Director

Derek A. Smith is responsible for strategic and operational leadership that establishes, supports, and continuously improves cyber information strategies.

Aaron L. Ross

Aaron L. Ross

PMP Director of Strategic Programs

Aaron Ross is the Director of Strategic Programs. He is responsible for developing, standardization, and implementing project management...

Joel Ho

Joel Ho

Director of Defense Solutions

Joel Ho is a technology developer and currently at the forefront of technological innovation and focused on electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Bob Kent

Bob Kent

Frontier Market Consultant

Bob Kent is a frontier market consultant. He provides competitive business intelligence for organizations that seek to operate in developing and post-conflict markets.


Dwight D. Shepherd

Board Advisor

RDML (Ret) Dwight D. Shepherd is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1983, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing.